玫瑰草抗皺眼霜 20g Palmarosa Anti-Wrinkle Eye Gel



含有胡蘿蔔油及維他命E,有效地減少皺紋及使細胞再生。玫瑰草精油有強大的抗皺及修護的功能,使眼紋得以重新緊緻,同時,有保濕及滋潤皮膚功效,減慢衰老的情況 Contains camellia oil and vitamin E, which are known for wrinkles reduction and the stimulation of cell division. 成分: 純水/玻尿酸/ 維化命E /胡蘿蔔油/山茶花油/乳化劑 玫瑰草EO /薰衣草EO /天然抗菌劑 INGREDIENTS: Aqua/Hyaluronic Acid/ Vit-E/ Carrot infused Oil/ Camellia Oil/ Emulsifier Palmrosa EO / Lavender EO / / AMTicide® Coconut/ Leucidal 使用方法及適用膚質: 用指尖把適量的眼霜輕柔於眼底及眼紋位置 適合各種膚質使用,尤其眼紋較深去皺 DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Dispense 2 drops onto fingertips and gently pat under eyes and along the orbital bone.

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